3. Collect information for the application

Before filling in the form, please collect as much of the needed information as possible about your institution/organization, including the basic facts and contact people for the roles listed below. The basic facts are added on the form, but to add a contact person (name, title, email, phone), please email the UArctic International Secretariat. Information for other contacts can be added after being voted in as a member.

Basic facts:

  • Year founded/established
  • Total number of students (if applicable)
  • Total number of staff (incl. # of academic staff)
  • Website address
  • Current annual operating budget (in euros)
  • Description/profile text (max. 300 words)
  • Strategic/thematic focus areas (bullet points, short and concise)
  • Fields of study available (if applicable)
  • Logo (preferably in PNG format)
  • Location of institution/organization 


  • Head of institution/organization
  • Administrative contact for head of institution/organization
  • Representatives to the Assembly of UArctic (primary and alternate)
  • Person to handle UArctic Membership Fee payments
  • International Studies or Affairs contact person

4. Fill in the form

Please note that information added to the form will not be saved unless you reach the last step and click "Submit changes".

5. Submit a letter of intent

In addition to filling in the form, applicants must also submit a letter of intent signed by the head of institution/organization. Written in free form, this letter needs to state the main interests for joining the UArctic network, as well as indicating that the application for membership is supported by the institution/organization leadership. The letter of intent is to be sent by e-mail attachment to the UArctic International Secretariat by the application deadline of February 28, 2025.  

6. Wait for confirmation

Once the membership form and the letter of intent have been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent which includes further details on the next steps.

Note: Should an application receive a recommendation for approval by UArctic's Membership Committee, then the member applicant is to submit a presentation (for example, PowerPoint, PDF) for the next meeting of the Assembly of UArctic. Should Assembly members have any questions, then these will be forward to the applicant to answer. Applicants who do not fulfill this requirement will have their membership application deferred to the following year, when the same conditions will apply.

If you have any questions or require assistance with the application process, please contact the UArctic International Secretariat.