UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Academia Borealis - The Academy of Sciences and Letters of Northern Norway, and Tromsø Research Foundation welcome nominations for The International Mohn Prize for Outstanding Research Related to the Arctic (The Mohn Prize).

Stockholm University invites applications for a PhD researcher in environmental science. This full-time, four-year position will be located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ecological monitoring requires sustained, coordinated efforts. What we measure and how we measure it needs to be standardized so that data are comparable across sites and over time. Further, if monitoring is to be carried out across vast and remote areas like the circumpolar North, it is critical that protocols for data colle...

Nord University in Bodø will hold its annual High North Dialogue edition online. In 2021, the focus will be on "Business in the Arctic - The Perspectives of the Young".

For its special issue about "Indigenous People and Sustainable Development in the Arctic" the journal Sustainability is looking for innovative papers that analyze the dynamics of Indigenous sustainable development in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

Newly appointed Vice-President Academic of the University of the Arctic, Dr. Diane Hirshberg is honoured by the University of Alaska Anchorage through an enlightening article.