Indigenous Learning Resources

These resources contain relevant information and resources for those working and collaborating with Indigenous peoples, from best practices in land acknowledgments to research ethical guides. 

Curation Policy

This site offers a wide range of resource types (e.g., academic articles, resources, protocols, ethical guidelines, indigenous education materials, and weblinks) from universities, non-profit organizations, and communities from Circumpolar North.  Resources included in this site have been carefully selected by UArctic, overseen by the VP Indigenous and the Indigenous Advisory Board. It highlights resources and content around the priorities of its potential users while advocating ethical consideration principles and promoting equitable approaches to scholars.


If you have a local resource that you would like to propose for inclusion in the collection of Indigenous Learning Resources, please contact the UArctic International Secretariat ( including the name and DOI link (required), and an explanation of its relevance.


This website is a living collection, which is continually updated. The materials that are provided are for education purposes only and their inclusion does not constitute any endorsement by UArctic or its member organizations. When doing research in the Arctic communities, it is important to utilize and implement ethical protocols made by Indigenous Peoples’ demands in their own communities and land. It is important to enhance land-acknowledge and respect self-determination of Indigenous Peoples. There are potential limitations with the resources provided.