Thematic Network on Arctic Law

In recent years legal issues in the Arctic have gained special significance as the region is undergoing a huge transformation. This transformation is mainly due to double pressures of economic globalization and climate change, which causes a wide array of challenges to the existing legal structures functioning in the region.


  • Building a network of Arctic legal experts.
  • Research cooperation amongst the members of the thematic network.
  • Cooperation with other thematic network in order to undertake multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • Organizing seminars and conferences in order to disseminate Arctic legal questions to the wider audiences.
  • Contribution in the development of legal education focusing on Arctic issues.
  • Taking part in the preparation of joint funding applications along with other members and member institutions of the Thematic Network.


  • Organizing seminars and conferences and in order to disseminate Arctic legal knowledge.
  • Development of legal education programmes.
  • Facilitating the preparation of joint funding applications.
  • Joint project on curriculum development for interdisciplinary Master’s program “STEP into Russian Arctic”
  • Food (in)Security in the Arctic: Contribution of Traditional and Local Food to promote Food Security with Particular Reference to the European High North,
  • 10th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences - ICASS X - 15-19 June 2021 Arkhangelsk:
    • Thematic network on Arctic Law will held a panel session on “Food security in the Circumpolar region, challenges and solutions”
    • The sub-group of the Thematic Network – the Philosophy of Law – will host a panel session titled “Man and Law in the Arctic: traditional, corporate, international and national life support regimes”
  • Societal Security collaboration in research and education (01.08.2019 → 31.12.2020). Visit the project webpage here.
  • Pilot project for institutionalizing research-end user cooperation in societal security research (2019-2020). Visit the project webpage here.
  • Polar Law Symposium 2020
  • Arctic Law Summer School,12-18 July, 2020 in Arkhangelsk, Russia, joint organization with Northern (Arctic) Federal University
  • Food (in)Security in the Arctic: The final project workshop, August 26-27, 2019, Rovaniemi
  • Finnish-Japanese Summer School on Arctic Studies, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, July 26 - August 7, 2019
  • Finnish-Japanese Arctic Studies Program,
  • Ice Law Project: This project seeks to investigate the potential for a legal framework that acknowledges the complex geophysical environment in the world’s frozen regions and explores the impact that an ice-sensitive legal system would have on topics ranging from the everyday activities of Arctic residents to the territorial foundations of the modern state.
  • Publication: Philosophy of Law in the Arctic (Bunikowski)
  • Publication: Russian Laws on Indigenous Issues: Guarantees, Communities, Territories of Traditional Land Use: Translated and Commented (Zadorin, Klisheva, Vezhlivtseva and Antufieva 2017)

Other Information

Topical issues related to Arctic Law include

  • Outer continental shelf law in the Arctic Ocean
  • Legal questions related to the opening Arctic seas
  • Rights of Arctic indigenous peoples
  • Biodiversity law
  • Oil and gas related regulations
  • Arctic Governance
  • Philosophy of law in the Arctic

The Thematic Network includes the following sub-group:

Philosophy of law in the Arctic (Sub-Group Lead: Dr. Dawid Bunikowski, University of Eastern Finland)


Kamrul Hossain, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law