Thematic Network on Arctic Urban Planning and Design


The goal of the thematic network within urban planning in the Arctic region is holistic development in the Arctic region by focusing on new technologies (i.e. construction, energy, materials) and the ambition of local communities to preserve the unique cultural character and the environment of the high north.

Together with our partners, we develop communication between the research and technology providers and the user communities for knowledge sharing for all stakeholders for all development activities. The foundation of such knowledge sharing will be through joint educational activities in the participating universities in the different arctic regions. The topics span from technology and engineering to social and cultural considerations of the indigenous population for sustainable development in the Arctic.

The TN develops educational for bachelor to doctoral and postdoctoral research programs for educating the next generation of engineers and policy makers, who will ensure preservation as well as the required development in the arctic region. Other stakeholders i.e. user communities, local governments, financial organizations will be part of outreach and dissemination activities.


  • Develop interdisciplinary education material combining architectural design with engineering concepts of construction for sustainable urban development.
  • Organize series of workshop/seminar for mutual learning involving academics, researchers, indigenous communities, municipalities and urban planners and industry.
  • Arrange outreach activities through different channels, i.e., webpage, press articles, public lectures to different groups and schools.
  • Research activities leading to developing various predictive and monitoring modelling tools for energy usage forecasting and maintenance models of various urban systems and services.
  • Contribute in developing environment friendly systems for power generation, recreation, transport, and waste management to meet the local demand.

Other Information

More information and past activities can be found here.