Thematic Network on Arthropods of the Tundra / NeAT

NeAT is a large network with well over 100 members from various countries, you can visit their own website here.


The goal of NeAT is to become an active international network around the study of tundra arthropods by uniting research in ecology, systematics, molecular biology, evolution, agriculture forestry, epidemiology and more. NeAT aims to facilitate international research and educational activities.


The activities will be in the form of the development of common protocols for arthropod studies under harsh field conditions, but also as international research proposals. NeAT also aims to facilitate networking and exchange of staff and students. This will be in the form of organizing sessions at international conferences, dedicated NeAT meetings as well as PhD courses and collaborative visits among institutions. In the initial stage, the network is developing around key institutions in the Nordic countries as well as US and Canada to make it tractable and to organize key partners in the development of a more ambitions strategy for a large-scale network.

  • NeAT has published a special issue on the ‘Ecology of Tundra Arthropods’ in Polar Biology.
  • NeAT will be hosting symposia at the Entomological Society of America annual meeting in St Louis, Missouri in November 2019.
  • NeAT is preparing Newsletters to the network members twice a year (May and October) has a mailing list and social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram (@NeATundra).
  • NeAT is constructing a new web site at
  • NeAT is planning a 2nd NeAT meeting at Aarhus University, Denmark 21-22 October 2019.
  • NeAT is preparing a special issue on Polar Entomology to appear in the journal ‘Insects’.

Other Information

Toke Thomas Høye, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arthropods of the Tundra (NeAT)