Thematic Network on Digital North: Three-Dimensional Technologies and Arctic Education


Distances between Indigenous communities in the Arctic are large, and their cultural heritage is widely dispersed between foreign institutions. Yet, there is increasing demand to access cultural resources to support contemporary processes of revitalization, repatriation, learning, and public outreach. This thematic network explores how emergent digital tools, including three-dimensional modeling, can support locally articulated desires in the Sámi homelands. 


  • Explore the intersections of material culture and three-dimensional modeling
  • Evaluate and apply new technologies from Indigenous perspectives
  • Develop best practices for integrating new technologies into Arctic education
  • Create digital content for participating partners, including educators in museums, secondary schools and universities
  • Reconnect Sámi communities with diasporic material culture in three dimensions 
  • Development of a digital course to support education and community outreach at partner institutions
  • Group travel to reconnect with and 3D model Sámi collections at the Smithsonian Institution