74,3126This is the primary Call for Proposals for training, communications and outreach under the Government of Canada Program for IPY. A total of $5 million in funding is available. Projects may seek up to three years of funding and the total value of individual awards may be up to $600,000. This Call for Proposals is closing on January 15, 2008.
The Government of Canada Program for IPY is seeking proposals that will help to
achieve the following objectives:
  • Raise awareness about the Canadian Arctic, its peoples, and northern issues,
    particularly among Canadians and the international community;
  • Create dialogue and build connections between and within Northern and
    Southern regions of Canada, as well as between Canada and other countries, to
    foster greater understanding of the importance of the polar regions;
  • Promote IPY and polar science and research and communicate the progress
    and broad, collective results of IPY science and research on climate change
    impacts and adaptation, and health and well-being of northern communities;
  • Engage children and youth, particularly Northern youth, in polar science and
  • Provide experience and training for Northerners, particularly Aboriginal
    Northerners, in the skills, techniques and knowledge needed to carry out
    northern-based research and monitoring during and beyond IPY;
  • Document and share Traditional Knowledge as it relates to northern
    environmental change.
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