The third year English Major is an eager student, who has participated
in online BCS courses for the past two years. When asked what she likes best about studying BCS, Daria replied:

“The communication and discussion with others, improving my skills of writing and understanding; I learn to express my opinions! BCS is very different from my experiences as a student. I feel more free, I am sure that my opinion will be heard, there is a great field for self-realization and many opportunities. And there is a greater responsibility, because I represent not only myself as a student, but my university, my republic and my country... I believe that everyone who lives in the North should know about their environment, the history of the Arctic and contemporary issues and problems of it. It is necessary today. I have enjoyed studying the Arctic because I learn a lot, and even though I live in the North, BCS has opened a new world – the world of Arctic. And this world is wonderful. BCS has made me feel as a part of one big community, one environment, one mentality, one Arctic! I wish that everyone who lives in the North could feel the same!”

Photo: Daria Burnasheva while on a north2north exchange in Norway