So far he says it’s been a very interesting, interactive and efficient learning experience. “I have enjoyed the organization of the educational process. Everything is clear, nothing unnecessary,” said Petrov.

Vladislav3In the beginning, Petrov faced the challenge of adapting to different study requirements and learning in English, but now, he said, things are going well.

Harstad is a small city of about 23,000 people, located north of the Arctic Circle, but with a pleasant coastal climate. Petrov has been enjoying the beautiful setting of his new environment. “It was very exciting to have hiking trips, fishing trips, and attend different sports activities. When you walk in the city you can enjoy beautiful nature, kind and friendly people, quiet and secure life,” he said.

In Norway, Petrov said there is a different approach to studying, and the culture and quality of life are different from back home. He commented that Sunday is like a global holiday, when everyone relaxes and joked that “your belongings wouldn't be stolen if you leave them in the street!”

Boat_Trip_13th_Sept_2008_07Petrov encourages any other students who are considering an exchange. “It's a great, amazing and useful experience for your future life and career. Studying abroad provides different education, new society, new conditions of living and it makes a person more flexible. Also it is very helpful in understanding the global world,” he said.

For more information visit the north2north webpage: north2north
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