375 participants, of whom some 300 travelled to Greenland from 22 different countries, attended this event.

More than 250 research papers were presented within 44 sessions framed along eleven themes and research fields: Sustainability and Climate Change; Economic Development; Politics, Justice and Governance; Living Conditions, Culture, Language, Literature and Media; Religion, History & Science; Health; Material Culture and Archaeology; Inclusive Research; Young Researchers; and IPY focussing on aspects of human activities in the past and present including the many different forces for change the indigenous peoples, other Arctic residents and societies are facing.

ICASS VI has been endorsed as part of the IPY Scientific Program, to be the main venue for showcasing and networking human and social science research during the Polar Year. One of the main goals of ICASS VI was to offer various venues for IPY scholars, other northern researchers, and local participants to analyze the progress of IPY 2007-2008 in social and human fields. The feedback the participants provided signalled that these goals were fulfilled.

The third day of the congress was a special IPY day with plenary keynotes, a panel on the IPY-legacy and a Young Researcher's forum. The following day, a panel presented the large European Science Foundation research initiative in the humanities "Histories from the North - environments, movements, narratives (EUROCORES BOREAS)", which was also very well represented in the sessions at the Congress.

For many international network projects, ICASS sessions offered the only chance for face-to-face discussions, as participants from many nations have limited contacts in the field and across the boundaries.

A major event like ICASS VI convened in the Arctic, where logistics is a constant challenge and transportation costs often seem prohibitive, could not have been taken place without generous support form a number of sponsors. The contribution from The Greenland Home Rule Ministry of Education and Research was a precondition for the IASSA secretariat and the resources needed to establish ICASS VI as Greenland's major contribution to IPY.

Grants from the European Science Foundation (ESF), the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), and the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) have made it possible to support the participation of more than fifty researchers that would otherwise not have been able to attend ICASS VI - e.g. young researchers, indigenous experts and researchers from countries where funding for Arctic social science is particularly scarce.

If you did not attend ICASS VI in Nuuk it is still possible to get an idea of the themes and topics discussed by visiting www.icass.gl where you can find the Book of Abstracts containing keynote as well as session and paper abstracts, and www.iassa.gl where the IASSA board, elected on the IASSA General Assembly that took place during ICASS VI is presented.

During ICASS VI all paper presenters that used Power-Point-Presentations were asked to let IASSA publish their presentations on the net. This publication will take place within the next months and it will be announced via IASSA.Net.

Furthermore all Congress participants will receive the Proceedings from ICASS VI - including keynote speeches, final program and list of participants.

ICASS VII is going to take place in Akureyri, Iceland in 2011.

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