The special guest of the workshop was Bjoern Sagdahl, professor of Bodo University College, the head of the regional office in Norway.

The goal of the event was to perform the technologies of distance BCS 100 course teaching on the basis of the program Class Frontier. The round table discussions were organised, where the Norwegian experience of distance learning in term of the Boulogne Process was discussed.

The seminar covered the following topics:
- distance learning technologies of the UArctic
- Boulogne Process: Norwegian experience
- Content and methods of BCS 100 (Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies 100) the program of UArctic.

After the seminar, the workshop was held, during which the participants discussed vital questions concerning the process of teaching BCS 100 under the conditions of the Russian Federation, as well as questions connected with the introduction of the Boulogne Process.

The higher education establishments, and organisations, members of the UArctic: the Sakha State University, Arctic Institute of Culture and Arts, Sakha State Agricultural Academy, plan to begin distance teaching of BCS 100 in 2009.

YakutskSeminar2The Head of the Regional Office of UArctic in Yakutsk Sargylana Kondakova and Bjoern Sagdahl, professor of Bodo University College, the Head of the Regional Office in Norway.