uaf logoThe museum is the only natural history museum in Alaska, and it is unique in maintaining research collections in Life Sciences (botany, entomology, ichthyology, mammalogy, and ornithology), Earth Sciences (geology and paleontology), Anthropology (archeology and ethnology), Fine Arts, History, and the Alaska Native Heritage Film Center. There are over 2 million objects and specimens in the museum, including collections from the circumpolar north and Pacific Rim. The museum also serves as the official state repository for scientific specimens collected on State, Native, and Federal lands.

The successful candidate will show evidence of commitment to developing the museum's stature and its prominent, independent role within the University of Alaska. Finalists will demonstrate an understanding and support of the museum's tripartite mission of research, teaching, and public service and will show evidence of interest and capability to manage programs with strong interdisciplinary and international components.

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