Polar Days are designed as a way for teachers and their classes to learn more about the polar regions and connect directly to polar researchers through simple, fun, and accessible activities.

The new “People” pages can be found on the IPY international web site at http://www.ipy.org/index.php?/ipy/detail/people/

The pages includes classroom activities and summary flyers available in many different languages, and information on two very exciting new opportunities--a global online forum and a live round-the-world Internet radio event. Teachers are encouraged to check out these opportunities in advance.

Previous Polar Days highlighted the Polar Regions, Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, our Changing Earth, and Land and Life. Associated activities and information on all these topics are still available through http://www.ipy.org/index.php?/ipy/detail/international_polar_days/, and teachers and non-teachers alike are invited to explore these resources.

Future IPY Polar Days include “Above the Poles” (December 2008) and “Oceans and Marine Life” (March 2009).

For more information on IPY, see http://www.ipy.org