Organizers of the conference are:
Institute of Foreign Languages and Regional Studies of the NEFU
Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Peoples of North-Eastern Russia
Thematic Network of the University of the Arctic “World Image of Indigenous Peoples of the North”
European Centre for Arctic Studies, University of Versailles San-Quentin – an Evelyn

Representatives of various traditions (eastern and western), as well as researchers of various fields such as linguistics, folklore, ethnography, history, IT will demonstrate complex approach in study of oral tradition and epic texts, including their interactions with mass culture nowadays.

Within the conference research workshop on translation of epic text and a round table discussion on preservation and dissemination of the epic heritage of various peoples will take place.

We are expecting participation of eight speakers from Europe, six – from the Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk), eight speakers from Yakutsk.

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