Overall Goal

The Thematic Network consists of research, research infrastructure and education activities aimed at resolving sustainability questions in the circumpolar Arctic - boreal regions:

  • to understand the Earth system and the influence of environmental and societal changes in pristine and industrialized of the Arctic - boreal environments
  • to determine the processes relevant to climate change, demographic development and use of energy resources in the Arctic - boreal regions
  • to develop the new data sets and archives with continuous, comprehensive data flows in a joint manner
  • to implement the validated and harmonized data products in models of appropriate spatial and temporal scales and topical focus
  • to educate the next generation of multidisciplinary experts and scientists capable of finding tools for solving grand challenges
  • to increase public awareness of climate change impacts in the circumpolar arctic-boreal regions

Main Activities

  • providing opportunities to take part of a scientific assessment; for example J. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics PEEX Special Issue,
  • providing contacts to the Northern Eurasian in situ observations stations enabling joint measurement campaigns and contribution to the development of the measurement concepts in a frame of European environmental ESFRIs and GEOSS Cold Regions is situ component.
  • organizing of special courses, winter/summer schools, workshops and conferences
  • providing partnerships for educating next generation of multidisciplinary PhDs

Current and Planned Activities

  • PEEX will host a Special Session at the EGU General Assembly 2021: "Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) – Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain". Read more about the session here.
  • PEEX is currently hosting the AASCO Arctic Science Meeting. The “Arena for the gap analysis of the existing Arctic Science Co-Operations (AASCO)” aims to bring the research communities together. Visit the website here.

Past Activities


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