Overall Goal

  • To investigate and maximize use of existing telecommunications and networking throughout the UArctic regions;
  • Leverage new developments in telecommunications infrastructure to improve networking among members and partners and create new pathways for research, education and economic development;
  • Lead the development of multinational Research and Education (R & E) networks among UArctic members;
  • Utilize these new pathways to increase outreach, educational delivery, community-based research, and economic development in cooperation with rural, remote and indigenous communities throughout the Arctic;
  • Develop an Arctic-specific strategy for broadband telecommunications and networking.

Main Activities

  • Run annual workshops for the members of the Thematic Network to identify, share and address common telecommunications and networking issues and needs.
  • Outreach to new and existing network providers and leverage UArctic commonalities to reduce networking and telecommunications costs, and improve efficiency and collaboration.
  • Engage new Arctic network project leads and determine most appropriate role for UArctic members in establishing new Arctic Research & Education network(s).
  • Engage indigenous leaders across the Arctic to establish issues and concerns relevant to our rural, remote and indigenous communities.

Current and Planned Activities

  • Workshop with major fiber project leads to understand existing and new network opportunities
  • Outreach to northern rural, remote and indigenous community leaders and discover needs, desires and opportunities for new network access throughout the Arctic
  • Circumpolar Telecommunications Symposium
  • State of the Arctic: Telecommunications Needs Assessment
  • Use the Arctic Communications Infrastructure Assessment to initiate the following: Developing an Arctic-specific strategy for telecommunications and networking; Creating an inventory of Arctic communications and technology projects and services; Articulating Investment strategies for Arctic communication networks; Encouraging innovation among Circumpolar nations; Committing to service parity among Arctic communities