Overall Goal

The Thematic Networks is hosted by the Arctic DTU and its focus is to document issues and solve technical challenges related to water supply and wastewater in remote Arctic communities.

Main Activities:

The Arctic WASH will exchange knowledge in the Circumpolar North, facilitate dissemination of current knowledge, develop courses for students and practitioners, and implement research projects on related matters.

Past Activities:

  • 2018 organized a special issue of the Journal “Environmental Science and Pollution Research” on “Water, Sanitation, Pollution and Health in the Arctic” containing 20 peer reviewed scientific articles
  • 2018 held a one week MSc course in 2018 in Svalbard for international students attended by 100 students and instructed by 20 researchers and specialists from all around the world
  • 2018 launched an open online course on Arctic Water, Sanitation and Health: Arctic WASH Online Course
  • 2018 organized a scientific session at the UArctic Congress in Oulu

Planned Activities:

  • Organization of a one week MSc course in Tromsø in late June, early July 2019
  • Continuous updating and upgrading of Arctic WASH Online Course
  • Apply for funding for research projects involving partners from the network
  • Facilitate exchange of researchers, teachers and students between the participating universities
  • Write a common scientific review on the water and sanitation situation in the Circumpolar North
  • Participate in the updating of the Cold Regions Utilities Monograph

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