Overall Goal

The thematic focus area of the network is to facilitate intersectional and gender-responsible knowledge production in and of the Arctic as part of sustainable development and related governance in the Circumpolar area. The multidisciplinary TN gathers interested researchers together especially from the UArctic member institutions to discuss, map and analyze the socio-material relationalities and ethico-onto-epistemologies in the Arctic knowledge production processes, which includes the definition and inclusion of indigenous knowledges. As a result of the collective work the TN will increase transdisciplinary understanding on intersectional and gender-responsible Arctic knowledge production i.e. research methodologies to further produce insights for sustainable Arctic knowledge production practices including its governance.

Main Activities

The goal is to co-create common understanding about intersectional gender-responsible knowledge production structures, processes and resources within UArctic. For this purpose, researchers interested to contribute to the focus area are invited to join the thematic network and to share their local practices and experiences in an on-line platform established exclusively for the TN. In addition to the on-line communication also physical meetings and workshops could be arranged at UArctic conferences and at Arctic Science Summit Weeks.

Current and Planned Activities

  • to map and elaborate upon formal gender equality plans (GEPs) and informal gender equality processes in diversity of UArctic member institutions to initiate a common GEP for UArctic, and
  • to map and elaborate upon intersectional gender-responsible methodologies already in use and propose guidelines for UArctic member institutions for such.