The IAP mission is to advance the objectives of the UArctic Strategic Plan by promoting discussion and analysis of critical issues facing the region and its people and to provide appropriate educational opportunities and policy advice as northern peoples face the challenges resulting from climate change and other issues.

IAP aims to raise public and private understanding of the policy implications resulting from circumpolar climate change and its human dimensions. IAP sponsors annual conferences on aspects of climate change requiring policy attention (see conference list below). These conferences bring together representatives of governments, the academy, non-governmental groups, and indigenous peoples to discuss issues, identify and prioritize policy-related research requirements, and help develop agendas for governments to address pressing policy issues.

Conferences and Workshops

The IAP brings together a wide range of stakeholders to help address policy issues critical to the Arctic.

2015:  Arctic Council Initiatives to Sustain Arctic Cooperation:  Priorities for a US Chairmanship, 2015-2017

A meeting hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC, brought together international Arctic experts to discuss the future of Arctic cooperation within the framework of cooperation. The meeting resulted in short- and long-term policy recommendations for the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. Download the recommendations.

2013: Euro-Atlantic Action plan for Cooperation and Enhanced Arctic Security

A meeting hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC, convened 40 leading Arctic scholars, government officials, industry leaders and representatives for indigenous peoples to examine key issues facing the region—energy, health, commercial shipping, security and governance—and to make recommendations for challenges facing the Euro-Atlantic community in the Arctic. Download the final report.

2011:  Arctic Health: Challenges and Responses to Rapid Climate, Environmental, and Social Change

A meeting of leading international health experts and indigenous leaders from the Far North was hosted by the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth to discuss the effects of rapid environmental and social change on the health and social instutions of peoples living in the North. Download the final report.

2010:  Climate Change and Human Security

The University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, hosted scientists, indigenous leaders and other experts from across the North to address issues of climate change and human security. The meeting was hosted jointly with the UArctic Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security. Download the final report.

2009:  Considering a Roadmap Forward: The Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment

The University of Alaska Fairbanks hosted a meeting of nearly 70 international experts on Arctic marine safety, protecting Arctic people and the environment, and building the Arctic marine infrastructure. Download the final report.

2008:  The Arctic Climate Change and Security Policy Conference

The first IAP (previously IACP) meeting was hosted by the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. The meeting convened more than 20 academic scholars, policy makers, shipping and energy experts, and indigenous peoples representative for a round-table discussion of security policy issues associated with rapid climate change. Download the final report.


 Approved by UArctic Board in November 2008