NMR laboratory

The most versatile NMR laboratory in Finland; collection of hardware ranging from commercial, state-of-the-art spectroscopic and imaging systems, including a microcryoprobe, to home built hyperpolarizers and remote detection instruments.

The NMR laboratory of the University of Oulu serves scientists from various disciplines; physicists, chemists, chemical engineers, engineers, biochemists and biologists. The research is extremely versatile covering, for example, development of novel experimental methods for materials research, utilization and development of hyperpolarization methods for sensitivity enhancement, identification of polymers as well as inorganic molecules, structure determination of small biomolecules and natural products, and research of complex materials such as wood, liquid crystals and porous glasses. We also provide instrument time for companies or other external users and our NMR researchers have collaborative research projects with several companies as well as other academic research groups worldwide.

The laboratory consists of six spectrometers at five different magnetic field strengths (4.7 - 14.1 Tesla) and accessories suitable for measuring liquid, gaseous as well as solid state samples. Two of the instruments are also equipped with a micro-imaging unit utilized mainly on materials sciences.

Detailed description of the instrumentation can be found from the laboratory webpages.

Institution University of Oulu
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Mining and extraction
Health and medicine
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords spectroscopyphysical chemistrychemistry of natural compoundschemistry and physics of materialsbiophysicsbiochemistry


Access to the instruments can be provided based on request. External users will be charged a fee based on the hours booked and used. In case of no previous NMR experience and/or you wish to collaborate in a research project we will forward you to contact people of relevant research groups within the University of Oulu.

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