Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre

Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre (OULAC)

Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre (OULAC) is a part of the infrastructure platform, responsible for laboratory animal services. OULAC provides animals and facilities for animal experimentation and advises in research using animals.


OULAC maintains high-quality animals either produced in OULAC or ordered from external breeders. Researchers are assisted in planning and implementing animal experiments as well as in training in practical procedures.

We in OULAC:

  • Produce and purchase animals for scientific research
  • Take care of the animals during the projects
  • Take care of animal welfare, health, and environment
  • Offer laboratory facilities for use
  • Assist in planning and conducting projects
  • Help with experimental procedures
  • Maintain the animal information system LabAnimals Pro and help in animal bookkeeping and statistics
  • Deliver animals to other institutes
  • Organise laboratory animal courses
Institution University of Oulu
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Health and medicine
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords animal experimentslaboratory animalslaboratory animal centre


OULAC services are provided for researchers at the University of Oulu and the Oulu University Hospital and Pohde, and for external clients according to separate agreements.

Services are available according to agreements and usually based on the user’s own experimental licences.

Contact information

Director Prof. Hanna-Marja Voipio



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