Centre for Material Analysis

Center for Material Analysis (CMA) offers research services related to the micro and nanotechnology and materials science at the University of Oulu. Versatile and modern research instruments and clean room facility create high-quality research environment for microelectronics, metallurgy, geology, and chemistry related studies. Researchers of the CMA assist customers by operating the instruments and with their expertise.

Research devices: Most of the research devices can be used in various fields of empirical science and technology, for example microelectronics, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, and biomedicals.

The personnel of the CMA support researchers by training them to use the devices and by solving problems related to their research work.

The equipment of the CMA can be roughly divided for fabrication and characterization devices. Fabrication devices enable preparation of different kinds of micro- and nanostructures and materials research. Characterization devices enable the analysis and measurement of optical and structural properties of micro- and nanostructures and materials. 

Institution University of Oulu
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords biomedicsmetallurgymicroscopyphysicsnanotechnologieschemistry


For further information please contact:

Director Janne Remes
Phone: +358-(0)294 482727
e-mail: FirstName.LastName (at) oulu.fi

Contact information


Director Janne Remes
Phone: +358-(0)294 482727
e-mail: FirstName.LastName (at) oulu.fi

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