CEN Salluit Research Station

The village of Salluit is an observatory site for CEN permafrost studies, led in partnership with the municipality and other agencies. Studies conducted at the CEN Salluit Research Station aim to assess the potential effects of climate change in the continuous permafrost zone. 

CEN Salluit Research Station is owned and run by the Centre d’études nordiques (CEN: Centre for northern studies). The field station (a house) was built in 2011 thanks to a grant acquired from a federal research infrastructure program. The station is composed of a single house that can accommodate up to 6 researchers year-round and a container for storing scientific equipment and tools.

See more informaiton on the Salluit Project: http://www.cen.ulaval.ca/en/page.aspx?lien=salluit

Climatic and environmental data: CEN has collected extensive climate data since 1997 and still operates several climate stations from the CEN SILA Network (www.cen.ulaval.ca/sila) in the area (measured environmental variables). The station also host a magnetometer of the AUTUMNX network managed by Athabasca University.

Nordicana-D: CEN's Nordicana-D series freely and openly give access to online climatic and environmental data reports archived at CEN, aiding the management of the wealth of environmental data sets produced by CEN's monitoring and research activities. The following data serie is available for this area : CEN 2013. Environmental data from the Salluit Region in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada, v. 1.1 (1987-2012). Nordicana D3, doi: 10.5885/45048SL-4708BCCDFA124359. Visit the Website www.cen.ulaval.ca/nordicanad/ to view the complete list of available data.

This station is part of the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO, www.cnnro.ca) and the international network INTERACT (www.eu-interact.org).

Institution Université Laval
Country Canada
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation Inuktitut
Keywords permafrostmitigation measuresgeomorphologygeologyclimate changecivil engineering


The station and related services are available to all researchers (university, college, governmental and private) working in the area. The station can also accommodate small groups of students.

Cost: Consult the rate schedule for rates and services offered. Note that a weekly booking includes 7 nights.

Rules at the station: Visitors, to make your stay comfortable and make sure you meet the requirements of CEN, please read the rules at the station.

Contact information

Contact the CEN station manager and secretariat by email : station@cen.ulaval.ca and cen@cen.ulaval.ca, or by telephone : +1-819-929-3319 or +1-418-656-3340.

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