Kevo Subarctic Research Institute

Kevo Subarctic Research Station of the University of Turku was founded in 1958 in Utsjoki at the northernmost tip of Finland only about hundred kilometres from the coast of the Arctic Ocean right next to Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

The station is close to a wide range of ecosystems from pine stands at low altitudes to mountain birch forests and low alpine tundra as well as mires (also palsas), lakes, and rivers. Utsjoki is the only municipality in Finland with Sámi majority.

The station has capacity to accommodate about 40 guests in winter and up to 70 in summertime. The station provides laboratories, a workshop, a lecture hall, and accommodation buildings. There are long-term field experiments studying the effects of aerial pollutants and reindeer grazing. The station has got arboreta with arctic treeline species. There is monitoring data available on population dynamics of moths, rodents, birds, plant phenology, pollen deposits, and meteorological data.

Institution University of Turku
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords indigenous peopleenvironmental monitoringecologyclimate changebiogeographybiodiversity


The station is open year-round.The prieces for accommodation, meals and services can be found from the website. Permits from the authorities and landowners are needed for many sampling and research activities. Getting the permits can take some time and it is advisable to take care those in advance.

Contact information

email: kevo(at)

Station manager Otso Suominen otso.suominen(at)

tel +358 40 4860282

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