Laboratory of Clothing Physiology, Oulu

Unique laboratory facilities for clothing physiology and textile material testing


For customer services, part of the laboratories are used for testing PPE (cold protective clothing and gloves, immersion and diving suits, flotation aids). Measurements of textile properties: thermal resistance, air permeability, water vapour resistance, resistance to water penetration, thickness. All services are accredited by FINAS.

Climatic chamber (-45...45 C) with wind (0...20 m/s). Climatic chamber equipment were renovated in 2020.

Three thermal manikins: standing/walking and sitting

Hand, foot and head thermal models. 

Institution Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Laboratory
Disciplines Textiles and clothing
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords product developmentprotectionArctic Safetymaterial qualityextreme climate


Available for testing, operation costs required

Contact information

Jussila Kirsi, kirsi., +358438201054

Rissanen Sirkka, +358368515731

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