Netherlands Arctic Station on Svalbard

The Netherlands Arctic Station in Ny-Álesund is opened during summer.

The Netherlands Arctic Station is a facility paid by the Dutch government with a special grant under the Netherlands Polar Programme. The grant allows a simple facility and presence of a station leader during summer. It also provides funds for participation in NySMAC (Ny-Alesund Science Managers), an organisation which enhances international cooperation in local arctic research.

The station is opened during summer. Guests of the station can stay for free, but have to pay for meals which are provided by Kings Bay. All scientists from the Netherlands can use the arctic station facilities, as long as the planning allows their stay and as long as they follow our safety guidance. For formal use of the facilities contact the station manager.

Institution Arctic Centre - University of Groningen
Country Netherlands
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Language of operation Dutch
Keywords ecology


Check with Maarten Loonen for availabilities

Contact information

Maarten Loonen, Arctic Centre, University of Groningen

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