Open Polar Database

Open Polar is a database of openly available, multi-disciplinary research publications and datasets from the Arctic and Antartic regions. Open Polar is free service open for all to use, and provides access to over 2 million open-access research items.

Open Polar promotes Findable and Accessible polar research, such that researchers, policymakers, and society have equal and unfettered access to Arctic and Antartic reseach publications and datasets. Open Polar harvests metadata from over 4600 open access providers, filters for polar research using over 11000 keywords, and enriches the metadata before generating the Open Polar database. Searchable by standard text or geolocation, the database currently includes nearly 2 million open access research items with coverage across numerous disciplines. 

Institution UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Country Norway
Infrastructure type On-line collection or database
Disciplines Education science
Teacher training
Graphic and audiovisual media
Craft skills
Language and literature
History and archaeology
Philosophy and ethics
Sociology and cultural studies
Political science and civics
Journalism and communication
information and archive
Marketing and advertising
Finance and accounting
Management and administration
Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
Mathematics and statistics
Information technology and computing
Manufacturing and processing
Textiles and clothing
Mining and extraction
Architecture and town planning
Building and civil engineering
forestry and fishery
Health and medicine
Nursing and caring
Social work and counselling
Social services
Travel and tourism
Sports and recreation
Transportation and logistics
Natural environments and wildlife
Environmental protection
Military and defence
Language of operation English
Keywords AntarcticaAntarcticaopen accesspublicationdatabasearctic


Open Polar is free to use for all and no restrictions apply

Contact information

Kathleen A Smart, Academic Librarian

UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

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