Thematic Network on Ageing and Gender in the Arctic

Demographic change is a challenge for the sustainable development in Arctic areas. Thematic Network on Ageing and gender in the Arctic focuses on socio-cultural sustainability, wellbeing, equality of the ageing people. 

The network will interact, and cooperate with other thematic networks that address issues of common interests, for example: Health and Well-being, Gender in the Arctic Knowledge Production, Northern Food Security, Arctic Law etc.

This network will strengthen knowledge on gendered nature of ageing in the Arctic, ageism, inequality in decision-making and the meaning of traditional knowledge for the resilience of the local and Arctic communities. This group is interested in learning about the manifestation of changes in the Arctic in relation to age, gender, ethnicity and indigeneity.


The goal of the Thematic Network on Ageing and Gender in the Arctic is to build a knowledge base on ageing and gender research in the Arctic context. To strengthen the existing network as part of the UArctic Thematic Network at having undertaken efforts to carry out following activities:

  • Research cooperation amongst the members of the thematic network.
  • Cooperation with other thematic networks in order to undertake multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • Organizing, and attending at, seminars and conferences in order to disseminate results produced by the members of the network.
  • Contribution in curricula development in teaching and education with focus on aging and gender in the Arctic and research exchange/mobility.
  • Taking part in the preparation of joint funding application along with other members both within and beyond network.
  • Promoting institutional linkages in research and education on aging and gender.
  • Organizing guest lectures at the institutions involved within the network.

Other Information

More information and past activities can be found here.

Video interview: Päivi Naskali, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Ageing and Gender in the Arctic