Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Resources and Social Responsibility

The network offers opportunities for experts and practitioners of all disciplines to share knowledge and interact for sustainability. This may relate to natural resource extraction as well as resource management in a broad sense (including non-exploitation), capacity building, migration, eco-tourism, indigenous knowledge as a resource of significance of its own for sustainable Arctic futures, and a range of other issues. 


Taking point of departure in sustainability in an Arctic resources context, TN ASRSR aims at contributing to an enhanced understanding of what social responsibility as a practice that may be exercised by different organisations means. We work to enhance interdisciplinary communication and knowledge-sharing of insights from social and natural sciences and the humanities for the above purpose. The TN is envisaged to operate dynamically as a building ground for knowledge sharing, course design, and bringing research-based knowledge to relevant actors in the circumpolar Arctic, depending on financial, human and other resources available to the TN. Educating the next generation of experts and decision-makers in Arctic resources is a significant element of the goal.


  • Run series of workshops that will help to develop new research projects or exchange existing research projects carried out by network members.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration with the Thematic Network on WestArctic Governance and Sustainability education.
  • Invite stakeholders into the group in order to understand better their views and concerns on sustainability and social responsibility and to share knowledge.
  • Give public lectures/ Knowledge translation/Public dissemination: presentations (and perhaps materials) for different groups, such as companies, schools etc.
  • Arctic Academy for Sustainability: Creating Environmentally and Socially Responsible Sustainable Energy and Resource Development in the Arctic.
    • Arctic Academy for Sustainability 2024: Memorial University (St. John's and Labrador Campus), St. John and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, October 10-19, 2024. Call for applications.


Other Information

More information and past activities can be found here.

Video interview: Karin Buhmann, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Resources and Social Responsibility