This course will provide students with an appreciation of the main challenges confronting the peoples and communities of the world’s northern regions. It will be beneficial to those students attempting to better understand the current questions facing the North as well as to those planning to pursue advanced studies about the region.

Upon successful completion of Contemporary Issues II, students will have:

  • Acquired a basic appreciation of the most important contemporary challenges surrounding governance and politics, social issues, education and knowledge systems, and global issues in the circumpolar regions of the North.
  • Attained an awareness of the relationship between the unique and diverse aspects of Northern societies and the common concerns facing the region.
  • Gained further insight into the complexity and inter-relatedness of human activity and the northern environment.
  • Critically examined various proposed explanations of the key challenges facing the North.
  • Recognized the cultural and gender-related diversity of approaches and ways of approaching the Circumpolar North.

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