This Call for Letters of Intent aims to define the Range of projects, of up to 3 years in duration, for a renewed ArcticNet academic-led research program. The Call is open to ArcticNet Network Investigators wishing to renew their research during Cycle III (2019-2024), as well as to all other eligible northern-focused Canadian researchers. New applicants and collaborators from Centres of Excellence in northern research and not previously engaged in ArcticNet are strongly encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to proposed projects with multidisciplinary teams and appropriate partners.

The deadline for applications is on 5 June 2018. Decisions on Letter of Intent applications will be announced by 29 June 2018. Successful Letter of Intent teams will be invited to submit Full Proposals by 15 November 2018.

The full Call for Letters of Intent is available here. More information about the call can be found in ArcticNet website.