Are you interested in the theme of Arctic change from a media perspective? Would you like to learn from the experiences and expertise of acclaimed media professionals and specialists in Arctic issues? Media and the Arctic master course will be held in Tampere, Finland and the deadline for the enrollment is September 14.

The Living in the Landscape exhibition was opened on 31 May at the Syktyvkar State University's gallery in Komi Republic, Russia. Living in the Landscape Summer School and exhibition are part of the University of Arctic’s Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD).

In honour of the UArctic Congress 2018 in Finland, University of Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company are gathering together students interested in the Arctic to plan a meaningful event, campaign or a project that will efficiently communicate Arctic opportunities and challenges to other people. Application deadline is August 19.

Living in the Landscape: Environmental Humanities, Arts and Education for Sustainability in the North (LiLa) summer school was organized under the Thematic Network on Sustainable Arts and Design in May 2018. The summer school took place in the Komi villages of Kozlovka, Onezhia and Otla located along the Vym river.

The EU H2020 funded INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) Transnational Access Call is open for projects taking place between March 2019 and April 2020.  

Together with the Korea Maritime Institute, the Korea Polar Research Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, the Arctic Circle will co-host a Forum December 7-8 in Seoul, Korea.

The UArctic Chair Jeff Welker's food web program on Polar Bears is featured in Arctic Today, sharing that high PFAS levels found in Barents Sea polar bears. This collaborative program lead by Jeff's Norwegian colleagues has been underway for many years and it reflects the breadth of the Chairship & research program.  In...

The UArctic Congress 2018 side events allow members and partners of UArctic to share ideas and have more in-depth discussions around specific topics. Most side events are also open to all interested Congress participants.

On July 4-14, 2018 the 4th Korea Arctic Academy (KAA) was held in Busan, Korea. Hosted by Korean Maritime Institute (KMI) in cooperation with UArctic, this summer school aims to aims to give selected higher education students from the Arctic countries more knowledge about Arctic issues in general, and Korean Arctic policy in...

On July 19, 2018 Inuit delegates from Alaska (USA), Greenland, Canada and Chukotka (Russia) concluded a successful 13th Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) General Assembly on the theme of "Inuit - The Arctic We Want" in Utqiaġvik, Alaska.

The ArcticNet Network of Centres of Excellence and its national partners invite the Arctic research community to the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM2018) to be held in Ottawa, Canada from December 10-14, 2018. Abstracts addressing all fields of Arctic research are now being accepted until September 7, 2018.