The Northern Forum is an international organization that brings together Arctic and Northern regions to improve the quality of life of peoples living in the North and to enhance the principles of Northern territories sustainable development. For several decades the Northern Forum has been successfully implementing initiatives and projects that benefit Northern and Arctic areas of the world, and has been effectively serving as a regional voice in a global arena on current Arctic agenda.

The biennial General Assembly gives an opportunity to assess Forum’s work and to acknowledge achievements and successes made during last two-year period. Moreover, the Forum have established relationships with Arctic-related companies and organizations what resulted in increase of business partners and laid the groundwork for future joint projects and collaborations.

Achievements of the Northern Forum will be reviewed at the XIII General Assembly in Krasnoyarsk that will gather representatives of the Northern Forum member regions, business partners, experts and other Arctic and North stakeholders. During the Assembly, there will be the Northern Forum projects presentation, which are taking part in organization’s Call for Projects.

An important agenda item is a discussion of the Northern Forum strategy developed under the leadership of Lapland. It identifies the key development areas and strategical steps necessary for further strengthening of a regional voice.

Today it can be said that Krasnoyarsk Krai in cooperation with the Northern Forum member regions and Secretariat have effectively accomplished its task to develop interregional cooperation, to promote the most important initiatives, and also to build a constructive agenda of the Northern Forum cooperation for the benefit of peoples’ well-being in the challenging Arctic settings.

Further information on the new strategy of the Northern Forum is available in the press release.