Overall Goal

In recent years, interest for minerals and hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic has increased significantly. Studies on geological resources in the North American and European Arctic, Greenland and Asia have many similar challenges, and researchers working in these regions would therefore benefit enormously from cooperation and knowledge sharing, which is the aim of this Thematic Network. Common for all regions in the Arctic is that exploitation of minerals and hydrocarbon resources impacts significantly environment as well as the culture and economy of the indigenous peoples living in the region. Students educated at the network’s programs will be working on the exploitation of the minerals and therefore it is important for them to learn to understand the importance of indigenous issues.

Main Activities

  • Arrange workshops at partner universities
  • Facilitate exchange of students, researchers and teachers
  • Participate in joint proposals for external research funding
  • Develop learning materials and host common courses/joint educational programs
  • Offer access to laboratory facilities

Current and Planned Activities

A joint project on Mineral resources in the Arctic: International cooperative research and teaching has been established between eight universities. This project will arrange an international workshop, which will aims to promote research among the students and scientists, and a published online collection of research seminars; monthly published video on a subject related to the exploration of mineral resources in the Arctic.

On 19.01.2018, the project had the first webinar. The topic of the webinar was “Deep Crustal Diversity of Mafic and Ultramafic LIP-Forming Mantle Melt: Implications for Large-Scale Magmatism and Ore-Forming processes”. It was given by Rune Larsen from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway). The interested parties can see the recording.

Next webinar is on 2.02.2018 was given by Marina Koreshkova from Saint Petersburg State University on topic  “Mineralogy and petrology of ultrapotassic minettes of the White sea region (with an emphasis on apatite and the lack of diamonds)”. You can access to the recording here.

The workshop related to the project “Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone” lead by Kim Senger and Maria Jensen has been successfully at Unis (Svalbard, Norway). More information and photo is here.

The summer workshop on "Mineral resources in the Arctic" is taking place in Norway 11 to 13 June, 2018. Deadline for abstract submisssion is February, 18.