Overall Goal

Taking point of departure in sustainability in an Arctic resources context, TN ASRSR aims at contributing to an enhanced understanding of what social responsibility as a practice that may be exercised by different organisations means. We work to enhance interdisciplinary communication and knowledge-sharing of insights from social and natural sciences and the humanities for the above purpose. The TN is envisaged to operate dynamically as a building ground for knowledge sharing, course design, and bringing research-based knowledge to relevant actors in the circumpolar Arctic, depending on financial, human and other resources available to the TN. Educating the next generation of experts and decision-makers in Arctic resources is a significant element of the goal.

Main Activities

  • Run series of workshops that will help to develop new research projects or exchange existing research projects carried out by network members.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration with the Thematic Network on WestArctic Governance and Sustainability education.
  • Invite stakeholders into the group in order to understand better their views and concerns on sustainability and social responsibility and to share knowledge.
  • Give public lectures/ Knowledge translation/Public dissemination: presentations (and perhaps materials) for different groups, such as companies, schools etc.

Recent Activities

September 2018: Third TN meeting, hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia.

December 2018: Interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Public participation (PP) in impact assessments (IA) of extractive exploration and exploitation and infrastructure construction projects: comparing Arctic and Global South experiences and identifying synergies for future research’, hosted by Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen (co-funded under TN ASRSR)

December 2018: PhD course: ‘Natural resources and human rights: impacts, conflicts, benefits, stakeholders and governance’, held at Copenhagen Business School, CBS. 

Current and Planned Activities

23-25 October 2019: Multi-disciplinary research seminar: Problems and perspectives of social responsibility in natural resource exploraton, exploitation and management, Host/location: Pskov State University, Russia.

October 2019: TN meeting (Pskov State University)

2020: (tentative): session track at UArctic Congress

2020-21: (tentative): session tracks at Arctic Circle (Reykjavik) and/or Mining Conference (Toronto)

Organisation, partners, governance, quality control

Host Institution: Copenhagen Business School

Partners: The thematic network is organised around a core group representing the three Arctic regions, with other partners joining as members.

Steering Committee (SC): The SC is comprised of representatives from the members constituting the core group. The SC meets once a year at the occasion of a meeting of the TN. It will meet virtually several times a year.

Engagement Group: Intended to support the outreach of the TN and feed external insights into the TN, this Group is comprised of representatives from companies (e.g. oil, mining, tourism, transport), communities, educational institutions (high schools, vocational schools/colleges), civil society, local authorities; and representatives from other TNs.

Extended information about the network can be found here More on TN ASRSR website rev April 2018.pdf