The Institute aims at a continued contribution to a holistic strengthening of knowledge development, research, education, monitoring, information and outreach for circumpolar reindeer husbandry. The Institute has a circumpolar focus, and work for the benefit of circumpolar reindeer herders.

The Institute serves as a tool for recruiting indigenous youth to scientific work, while contributing to build local competence in reindeer herders’ societies, through mobilizing different partners. In doing so, the institute seeks to develop and implement:

  • research on themes important for reindeer husbandry
  • recruitment of indigenous students,  their training and education
  • community-based workshops, seminars and conferences in circumpolar reindeer herding area, and
  • outreach of the total activities of the Institute, including research results.

The activities of the institute are to

  • Increase the public understanding for Arctic issues and challenges for indigenous peoples and reindeer husbandry, including monitoring.
  • Increase the educational and research capacity of Arctic peoples, especially indigenous and reindeer herding peoples.
  • Replicating to other regions affected by climate change and globalization the indigenous peoples’ gained knowledge and ability to deal with such changes.
  • The Institute shall have a circumpolar focus, and work for the benefit of Arctic residents, especially focusing on indigenous and reindeer herding peoples.

Previous activities:

See also here for more news and updates as well as current and future activities.

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A member of the UArctic Thematic Networks since 2009