UArctic Assembly 2023
Voting Instructions

UArctic Assembly Meeting / Bodø, Norway /
2-3 June 2024

Voting Instructions

The on-site voting in UArctic Assembly meeting will be organized electronically through ElectionBuddy voting service. You will need your own device to vote (mobile phone, tablet, laptop), so please remember to pack it with you. There will be a wifi connection provided on site.

You will get a voting card with your organization’s Access Key and Password from the registration desk at the meeting venue. If there are multiple people attending from your institution, please decide who will be the voting representative of your institution before arriving to the registration.

The voting system and meeting procedures will be introduced in the beginning of the meeting on the 2nd of June. If you wish, you can test the voting system at the UArctic Info Desk before the meeting begins.

Link to the voting page: TBA


There will be a pre-voting option organized for members who will not be able to join the meeting on site. The instructions for pre-voting will be shared by email to all Assembly representatives.