2022 Award Winner: Marius O. Jonassen and Hanne H. Christiansen with the PermaMeteoCommunity project

FP Award 2022 Winning Project Cover

Based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, the PermaMeteoCommunity project develops an advanced permafrost and meteorological climate change response system in order to build resilience in Arctic communities.

PermaMeteoCommunity focuses on building a real-time response system which connects direct observations from boreholes and small-scale meteorological stations with an online platform that receives and displays all the data in near real time. The system can be used for decision making and meaningful action by local authorities during operational evaluations and extreme weather events, and also in designing local infrastructure and overall land area planning. The resulting response system will be possible to adopt in other polar or cold-climate areas with permafrost or seasonal frost, i.e. areas that are most sensitive to climate change.