Roland Kallenborn
Roland Kallenborn - UArctic Chair in Arctic Environmental Pollution Research Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Professor Roland Kallenborn is a senior scientist and University teacher in the field of organic analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and environmental risk assessment, bioaccumulation and food web responses to environmental contaminants. He is an environmental chemist with main research interests in method development for characterisation, quantiative analysis, risk assessment, and mitigation of organic environmental pollutants (including contaminants of emerging concern and their transformation products). Currently, his research focuses on the elucidation of pollutant profiles in Environmental samples including the Arctic. He applies modern advanced trace analytical methods in an interdisciplinary context in his research strategies. Kallenborn is involved in interdisciplinary research in fate, risks and distribution profiles of environmental pollutants in pristine and contaminated environments. For his research he collaborates with experts in chemistry, biology, physics, modelling, toxicology and veterinary medicine. For his scientific activities, he applies quantitative validated analytical methods for the determination of legacy and emerging priority anthropogenic pollutant. Kallenborn is author/ co-author of 120 per reviewed publications, 12 books/ monographs (author, chapter author and editor), 20 contract reports, 10 popular science papers and more than 300 presentations (poster/ oral) in international conferences and seminars. He serves as editor/ editorial board member for the IF registered scientific Journals “Current Chromatography”, “Fresenius Environmental Bulletin”, “Ecotoxicology and Chemistry”, “Environmental Science and Pollution Research” (Springer) and “Chemosphere” (Elsevier).