Reporting Form - Guidelines

Guidelines on how to fill in the form

See below for instructions on how to fill in the online reporting form.

Thematic Network (mandatory field)

  • Select your Thematic Network / Institute

Activity (mandatory field)

  • Describe in few words your activity

These are examples of what to write in this section:

  • Add the title of your publication
  • Add the title of your presentation, keynote, talk
  • Name of the course / field work etc.
  • Name of the research project
  • Name of the event, workshop, webinar

Activity Date – Start

  • Enter the start date of your activity (eg. kick-off date of project or start date of

Activity Date – End

  • Enter the end date of the activity here (if applicable)

Primary Activity Category (mandatory field – only one option can be selected)

  • Select the primary activity category:
    • Education
    • Event (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Mobility
    • Outreach
    • Publication
    • Research

Note: If you would like to report an activity that includes more than one primary categories e.g. a presentation/talk given about your research project, that you are reporting here, you need to report these separately in separate forms: one form with presentation for the category “Outreach” and second form for project for the category “Research”. This enables both activities to be listed as your activities.

TN office always checks the activities you have reported and can get back to you if there are any questions. The more information you provide in the form, the better it is.

Secondary Activity Category

Secondary Activity Categories are for giving more information about your activity. As an example: If you have selected Primary Category “Education”, you should select from the list of the secondary activities under Education more detailed information on the type of education (e.g. Primary category “Education” – secondary category “Education: PhD School”)

If you do not find a secondary category for your activity, please select “Other” (it is the last one in the list of secondary categories) and explain with your own words more information of your activity.

List of the Secondary Activity Categories:

  • Education:
    • Bachelor Course
    • Bachelor Program
    • Graduate Course
    • Graduate Program
    • Joint degree
    • PhD School
    • Summer of Field Course
    • Training
  • Event: (Note: Event in this category is only used for events organized by TN/Institute, not for the ones you have participated)
    • Art Exhibition (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Conference (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Conference Session (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Event (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Webinar (organized by TN/Institute)
    • Workshop (organized by TN/Institute)
  • Mobility:
    • Short-term staff mobility (min. 3 days, max 2 weeks)
    • Short-term student mobility (min. 3 days, max 2 weeks)
    • Staff mobility
    • Student mobility
    • Virtual student mobility
    • Virtual staff mobility
  • Outreach:
    • Invited Keynote or plenary presentation given in scientific conference
    • Oral presentation given in scientific conference
    • Poster presentation given in scientific conference
    • Video interview or video made by you
    • Newsletter published by TN/Institute
    • Podcast
    • Blog
  • Publication:
    • Art catalogue
    • Book chapter or an article in a book
    • Edited book or special issue
    • Report or white/green paper
    • Scientific article published in peer reviewed journal
  • Research:
    • Art-based project
    • Indigenous led project
    • Science-based project
    • Transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary research project
    • Citizen science project
  • Other
    • Select “Other” if you don’t find a secondary category that describes your activity, and specify.

Participating Members (mandatory field)

  • Select which UArctic member institutions are involved in your activity.
  • If you only have non-members involved, please select your Thematic Network host institution here and add the list of non-member institutions in the "information" section at the end of this online form.  

Country of Activity

  • Select the country of the member institutions involved in your activity.


  • If the activity is related to an event, please write here the name of the event. For example, when you have given a keynote in a conference, here you should add the name of the event e.g. Arctic Congress Bodo 2024. This is important for TN office to identify the congresses, conferences and events where Thematic Networks & Institutes have been active.


  • Here you can add links related to your activity, e.g. link to your newsletter, event website, publication etc.

Keyword (mandatory field)

  • Please add here keyword/s that best describe your activity. Do not use generic words like “publication” or “workshop”, but words that describes the content of your activity e.g. “Indigenous Knowledge” or “environmental law”.

In partnership with another Thematic Network/s

  • If you have conducted your activity together with other Thematic Network/s and/or UArctic
    Institutes, please select here that/those TNs.

In partnership with UArctic Chair

  • If you have conducted your activity together with UArctic Chair, please select the Chair from
    the dropdown menu.

In partnership with

  • Please select one of the following options if you have any partnership with these e.g. Arctic Council Working Groups.
    • ACAP (Arctic Contaminants Action Program)
    • AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme)
    • APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)
    • CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna)
    • EPPR (Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response)
    • PAME (Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment)
    • SDWG (Sustainable Development Working Group)
    • IASC (International Arctic Science Committee WGs)
    • IASSA (International Arctic Social Sciences Association)
    • IUCH (International Union for Circumpolar Health)
    • Other

Funding for reported activity: Project Name

  • Did your activity reported here receive funding? If so, please add the name of that funded project here. If you have used funding from different projects and sources, please list all projects here.

Funding for reported activity: Source

  • Select the funding source from the dropdown menu, or if it’s not on the list, select “Other source” and specify.
  • Funding sources in the dropdown menu:
    • UArctic Danish Funding for Networking Activities on UArctic Research and Education
    • UArctic Norwegian Funding for Networking Activities on UArctic Research and Education
    • UArctic Canadian Funding to support Indigenous and Northern relationship development
    • UArctic Canadian Funding for Indigenous and Northern collaborative research and education
    • National Science Foundation
    • Nordic Council of Ministers
    • European Union Funding
    • Other

Funding for reported activity: Amount

  • How much funding did you use for this reported activity? Add here the amount and currency
    for each funding source.

Funding for reported activity: In-kind

  • How much estimated in-kind funding you and your network partners used to this reported
    activity? Add here total amount and currency.

News Text

  • Please send news text about your activity reported here.
    Note that if your news needs to be published urgently (e.g. call for abstracts, event that will take place soon, news with any deadlines), please contact: /, and we will make sure that the news will be published as soon as possible.
    When you submit news text via the online form, please add:
    1. Title / headline
    2. Introductory text
    3. Content
    4. Links, contacts and other relevant information

Files for reporting / news

  • If you have any files related to your reported activity, or you would like to add files on the
    news piece, please add them here.

News Image

  • To be able to publish news story, we need to have also news image. News image can be e.g.
    photo of an event, cover of the publication or poster.


  • If you have any additional information or questions, please add them here.

Submitter Name (mandatory field)

Submitter Email (mandatory field)

  • We need to see who has submitted the activity so that we can be in contact with you if we have any questions.

We hope that using this form to report your activities and submit news stories will help you, and us, to keep better track of your activities.