Overall Goal

The Thematic Network consists of research, observations, infrastructure building, public outreach and joint education activities aiming to improve Arctic and space situational awareness and space safety.

Main Activities

  • Examine long-term variability of geo-environment in the Arctic and its coupling to the extraterrestrial weather and climate. Share the data and knowledge on the Arctic and space hazards.
  • Increase Arctic and space situational awareness and provide input to the national risk assessment and Arctic policy.
  • Share educational material, good practices, on-line tools and remote educational infrastructures.
  • Enable exchange of researchers at all career stages for collaboration in science and education, and enable double degrees and multi-disciplinary MSc and PhD degrees.

Current and planned activities

  • A virtual meeting on discussing space related natural hazards and Arctic effects
  • Exchange observations and data homogenization routines for improved long-term Arctic monitoring capability and organize joint measurement campaigns
  • Share education material on space and geophysics related topics


Eija Tanskanen, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Space Hub