The non-profit Snowchange Cooperative based in Finland with associate and member communities and organisations across the Circumpolar North, has worked for 8 years to advance the participation and research with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities of the North to find answers to the human induced climate and ecological changes in ways that honour their knowledges and traditions.

Snowchange process has contributed to several scientific documents, including Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, United Nations Environmental Programme, Convention on Biodiversity (especially Article 8j) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – IPCC, including its 4th Assessment through the ACIA process.

Over the 2000 – 2007 Snowchange has organised large international conferences devoted to the Indigenous peoples and climate change in Finland, Murmansk (European Russian Arctic), Neriungri and Iengra (Siberian Russia) and Anchorage, Alaska, USA. In 2008 several community representatives from the Arctic and northern communities will travel to Aoteoroa to work with the Maori peoples who will host the Northern delegations.

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