The Museum Tusculanum Press, at University of Copenhagen, announces the availability of the series "Monographs on Greenland." The journal has been published since 1878 with irregular intervals and with varying prices per volume. "Monographs on Greenland" has published scientific results from all fields of research in Greenland. The series numbers 345 volumes comprising 1253 titles.

In 1979, Monographs on Greenland was developed into a tripartite series consisting of "Bioscience," "Man & Society," and "Geoscience." Consequently, "Monographs on Greenland" was renumbered in 1979 ending
with volume number 206 and continued with volume number 1 for each subseries. As of 2008, the original "Monographs on Greenland" numbering will be continued in addition to the subseries numbering.

"Bioscience," "Man & Society," "Geoscience" present publications that contribute significantly to studies in Greenland concerning human beings, such as anthropology, archaeology, arts, economics, education,
ethnology, history, law, linguistics, medicine, psychology, religion, and social sciences.

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