The workshop was led by Emmy Neuls, Program Officer, and the purpose of the workshop was to revise and peer review the modules for two Circumpolar Studies Core courses: BCS 331 and 322 Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar World I and II. These courses were developed in 2002 but needed to be updated to meet the new objectives for the Circumpolar Studies program.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the following module authors, Academic Leads, and Instructional Designer, the revision process was expedited, with several modules nearly completed and peer reviewed:

• Finland: Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland
• Iceland: Joan Nymand Larsen, Stefansson Arctic Institute and University of Akureyri
• Russia: Dmitry Filippov, Yakutsk State University; Galina Rats, Yakutsk State University; Oxana Romanova, Yakutsk State University
• Sweden: Elena Kotyrlo, Umea University, formerly Syktyvkar, Russia (Academic Lead BCS 331)
• Canada: Hayley Hesseln, UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies; Alec Aitken, University of Saskatchewan; Michel Beaulieu, Lakehead University; Greg Poelzer, University of Saskatchewan (Academic Lead BCS 332); Jeanette McKee, Instructional Designer, University of Saskatchewan.

AW Copenhagen Nov 2009

The workshop approach enabled authors to collaborate on course objectives and module content. Bringing the authors together allowed them three days to focus on the curriculum development. Feedback on the collaborative workshop approach was very positive again this year. Through professional sharing of both academic and indigenous knowledge of each author’s country and people, these courses will be more relevant and helpful throughout the Circumpolar North.

Special thanks to Sargylana Kondakova, Russian Regional Office of Undergraduate Studies and Sakha State University, Yakutsk, Russia, for assisting her colleagues by translating several modules from Russian to English. Also, a special thanks to Jeanette McKee that participated in the role as Instructional Designer and provided much assistance with the curriculum development process. Jeanette was also a part of the organizing team that included the Dean of the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies Hayley Hesseln, Program Officer Emmy S. Neuls, and Program Assistant Tom Novosel.

Emmy S. Neuls, Program Officer
UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies
Saskatoon, SK