The seminar is an intensive in the need and practices of project management. Project professionals will talk about their experiences with project cycle management and project practices such as change management and leadership. It will also shed a light on the need of skills for project managers as perceived by the various actors.
Topics of the seminar days:

Monday, 2 March 2009 - Changing world of Project Management
• Introduction into the seminar topics “changing world of project management” – Pirjo Kauhanen, Jyväskylä Institute of Adult Education
• Future challenges for project managers – Päivi Korhonen, FCG ISAI Consulting
• Importance of leadership in project management – Kristiina Jokelainen, Finnbarents
• Workshops: supporting good project management – Erik Kijne, PCM group
• Development of better competences for Project Managers – Elke Kleutghen, Finnbarents

Tuesday, 3 March 2009 - Development of better competences for project managers
• KeyLink project to develop EU project manager competences – Tomas Findra, Educational Centre for Non-Profit organizations, Slovakia
• Main features required from skilled project managers – Johann Laister, Multidisciplinary European Research Institute, Austria
• Needs for developing education for project managers – Ari Langen, Jyväskylä Institute for Adult Education, Finland
• Key competences needed for EU-project managers – Erik Kijne, PCM group, Belgium.
• Panel Discussion: Is there need for specialized competence to practice sound EU-project management?

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