The curriculum illuminates the Alaska context for this sweeping and historic lands act and explains, in detail, its unique aspects.  

The goal is to help all stakeholders, including federal agency personnel, state government leaders and land managers, Native corporate staff, scientists, inholders and the general public to better understand
this pervasive and controversial law so it can be implemented fully and fairly.

The seminar cost includes a comprehensive ANILCA Study Guide and CD, lunches, continental breakfasts, and discussion. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Alaska's land history (especially statehood and ANCSA) and ANILCA;
  • The key provisions of ANILCA;
  • Ten exceptions written by Congress in ANILCA to guarantee the continuation of the Alaska lifestyle;
  • The intent of Congress, including the "no more" clause;
  • Subsistence - ANILCA provisions and how it is managed today;
  • General hunting, fishing, and trapping on federal lands;
  • Access to inholdings and across Wilderness Preserves in National Forests, Parks, Refuges and other Conservation System Units and the definition of "compatible with the purposes of a CSU;" 
  • Navigable waters, submerged lands and RS2477s - who owns them and what their status is;
  • Wilderness Act exceptions in ANILCA and Wilderness reviews;
  • ANWR and other North Slope provisions and promises; and
  • Management planning and ANILCA.

Space is limited and registration is encouraged by Friday, 6 February 2009. Registration closes Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

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Or contact:

Nancy Hemsath
Phone: 907-771-2443