Hedda (Higher Education Development Association) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a one-day conference entitled: "Mergers and Higher Education Cooperation". The conference is hosted by the University of Oslo, the coordinating institution of Hedda.
Issues related to institutional mergers are now high on the agenda in the Nordic countries. In the new global context there is a pronounced focus on having the most effective institutions to produce new knowledge and contribute to innovation and economic development in an increasingly unstable and financially restrained environment. Within this context, higher education institutions in a variety of countries are going through merger processes. However – what do we know about the dynamics of institutional mergers and the outcomes of these processes?

The conference highlights some international developments, in addition to giving an insight into some of the recent processes in the Nordic countries.

The aim of the conference is to bring together research and practice, featuring keynotes from top international researchers in the field and providing practical insights from people who have held top executive positions in a merger process. We feel that this anniversary celebration captures what Hedda as an organisation is about in its aims to strengthen the relationship between higher education research and practice.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Leo Goedegebuure as the main keynote speaker. He has extensive experience in researching institutional mergers in various contexts, and he has published over 100 articles and approximately 15 books, many focused on merger processes.

Practical information about the venue, registration form and updated information about additional keynote speakers will be available early August at: http://uv-net.uio.no/wpmu/hedda 

There is no conference fee, but limited amount of places will be available.

A first announcement poster can be downloaded HERE.

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