In addition to an intensive course of the Russian language, the students listened to lectures on ethnography, archeology, history, culture, etc. In the framework of studying the Russian language, students took part in the events dedicated to the year of literature, music and poetry.

Students had a rich cultural program, which helped to quickly learn the language, get acquainted with the traditions, Yakuts’ way of life. During this time, they visited local history museums, ethnographic complexes, lapidary works "EPL Diamond" and the natural park "Lena Pillars". Volunteer program was also very interesting. Students learned the culture of the local peoples by organizing days of the Yakut and Russian cuisine, a day of national Yakut sports, where students showed their strength and skills in games such as "mass-wrestling" and "tutum ergiire" and board games "habylyk" and "haamyska."

NEFU International Summer School "Russian Language and Culture" is not only a unique synthesis of the Russian language and the north-east of Russia study, but also familiarity with the ethnography and culture of the beautiful Yakutia.