Overall Goal

  • Develop greater understanding of what social responsibility as a practice that may be exercised by different organisations means for sustainability in an Arctic resources context and of how insights from social and natural sciences and the humanities can complement.
  • Evolve as a building ground for knowledge sharing, course design, and bringing research based knowledge to relevant actors in the Arctic.
  • Educate the next generation of experts in Arctic resources.

Main Activities

  • Run series of workshops that will help to develop new research projects or exchange existing research projects carried out by network members.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration with the Thematic Network on WestArctic Governance and Sustainability education.
  • Invite stakeholders into the group in order to understand better their views and concerns on sustainability and social responsibility and to share knowledge.
  • Give public lectures/ Knowledge translation/Public dissemination: presentations (and perhaps materials) for different groups, such as companies, schools etc.

Current and Planned Activities

  • Research workshop - Social responsibility and Arctic resources.
  • Research workshop - Social responsibility and mobilities and Arctic spaces.
  • Teaching and joint courses: planning next steps for PhD course in 2018
  • Research workshop - Social responsibility, indigenous knowledge and skills.
  • Evaluation of summer school/PhD course with a focus on interdisciplinary complementarity and prospects for broader contributions for Arctic capacity building in area of Thematic Network.
  • PhD course in collaboration with the Thematic networks on Arctic Extractive Industries.
  • Multi-disciplinary conference: Arctic futures, resources and public-private collaboration on responsible action.

SC Constitution:

Alexander Terentev: Secretary

Jacob Taarup-Esbensen: Treasurer

Paul Bowles: Convenor of next TN meeting

George Varlamov: Visibility